Happy Year of the Snake!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I apologize for the lack of updates! Coming back from a short vacation and jumping right into Chinese New Year and a new semester at school was very hectic, hence no time to update this blog!

Soon, I'll write up a few posts on my experience in China and some of the damage I did in China and at duty free in the airport/airplane, and also a surprise package from Glossybox that I recieved (forgot to cancel my monthly subcription, and thus ended up with a January box.  Not complaining though... Man Repeller x Glossybox is an awesome box!)

But first, some snapshots of my Chinese New Year Eve dinner, along with some candid shots of decorations around my house.

 This was the only festive looking corner in my house.  It's picture worthy.  A combination of fresh and fake flowers.

 It's blooming quite nicely now.

This was the dinner on Chinese New Year Eve.  All of the dishes stand for something... as for what specifically, I don't remember.  But it was very delicious.

This was my dinner on the 2nd or 3rd day of Chinese New Year.  The food was bomb diggity.  My dinner does not always look like this every day, so this was the best part in my opinion.

Haha, most of my friends laughed at me when they saw this on my Instagram.  Very Americanized as one of my friend said.  My family isn't so big on the candies and the melon seeds, and by the end of Chinese New Year, everything is still there!  So my mom decided to go with chocolates since they appeal more to us "young" kids in the house.

So a very belated Happy Chinese New Year to all!  May the Year of the Snake be a prosperous one for you all!

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