November 2012 GlossyBox USA ; First Impression

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tis the season to be glossy 2012

The November GlossyBox came to my doorstep a few days late... more like two weeks late since I usually get my boxes in the first or second week of the month.  Mine literally came today, and so I rushed this post so I can get the pictures of the goodies up!  My Refinery29 edition GlossyBox also came today as well... and I'm stoked to share what's in the special edition box.  You won't want to miss that!

First off, I want to start with the Illamasqua Lip & Eye Medium pencil in Rump.  This is my first encounter with anything Illamasqua, so I was really ecstatic when I saw the packaging, but when I opened it... I was shocked to see a baby blue colored liner.  I thought I'd get a basic color like black or brown, but baby blue?  Not that I have anything against baby blue, but how do I make this work?

Illamasqua lip & eye pencil in Rump
Along with the pencil liner, there are three things that I'm really excited to try out; the Lierac Gommage Sensorial, the NuMe Argan Oil, and the Truffle Serum from Skin&Co Roma
The Lierac Gommage Sensorial is described as a gel-oil scrub that turns into a milky-color when in contact with water.  This is also loaded with beneficial botanical oils to help with skin renewing and with softening the skin.  I decided to try this out on the back of my hand, just to get a feel of the gel-oil texture and to get a feel of the scrubbing particles.  The scrubbing particles look very similar to the St Ive's apricot scrub; feels very rough and gritty.  Not very sure about how this will do on the face... but I'll give this a try.

Lierac Gommage Sensorial

I've been eyeing the Josie Maran Argan Oil for a while now... so when I saw the NuMe Argan Oil in the box, I might as well give this argan oil a try before splurging on the Josie Maran one.  Upon opening the bottle and taking out the dropper, I noticed that it was really thick consistency, like a liquidy gel.  Very interesting indeed.  After putting about a small pea size onto the back of my hand, which is a little too much IMO... I rubbed it in like I was applying a hand cream.  It left behind a shiny film and I got a little worried about that.  But after a while, it really does get soaked into the skin!  Pretty cool stuff.  The back of my hand feels very soft right now :)  I'm also looking forward to trying this in my hair since it's really dull.  So hopefully it'll bring some shine to my hair as well.

NuMe Argan Oil
The Truffle Serum from Skin&Co Roma is a very lightweight serum that literally gets absorbed into the skin really fast.  From the description of this serum, it's suppose to help with anti-aging with ingredients such as peptides, pure extracts of Tuber Melanosporum (truffles!) and Hyaluronic Acid.  This is going to be the closest to truffles that I can get my hands on :D

As for the little solid perfume stick that almost looks like a softlips; the smell reminds me of LUSH, but more toned down.  I can smell a hint of grapes along with some musk... or that's what I think it smells like.  

The contents of this month's box is filled with skincare items that looks like it's geared towards protecting and giving the skin the boost it needs in the moisturizing department.

This also concludes my subscription to GlossyBox, but I couldn't bear to leave GlossyBox!  It always surprises me every month with the awesome boxes they put together.  So I decided to buy one more box and that'll be my last for a while before I resume with GlossyBox or another company (Birchbox perhaps?). 

Also my post on the special edition box; the Hit-Kit November 2012 box curated by Refinery29, will be coming in a few more days, so keep an eye out for that!

Also, please look forward to my November Favorites post! :)

edit: December 2, 2012 - I just noticed that I'm missing the Epionce Restorative Hand Cream that's suppose to be in this month's box.  First time encountering this from GlossyBox.  I don't mind since my subscription is ending soon, so I don't have to deal with the possibility of missing products in the future boxes.

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