Photo Diary of China.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I recently went to China for a short trip, just to visit some relatives and because my parents had a longing to go back to see their homeland.  It was quite a trip, filled with sightseeing, food adventures, and the experience of being in another country was just surreal.  I had a great time in China, but I wished I took more photos.  I spent most of my time... eating and just having fun in general, that I've forgotten to take out my camera to capture some photos.  A bummer, but hopefully in the near future I'll be able to go again, and really capture those memories!

 Visited my mom's childhood home.  It's always nice to see where your parents grew up, listen to their neighbors tell stories about back then... and just for your parents to reminiscence about their childhood.  Even though everyone on my mom's side already immigrated to the States, her neighbors/relatives always came around to tidy the house and such.

Moy’s Grand Courtyard (梅家大院) in Duanfen, Taishan
 These homes are actually part of the backdrop for a movie that Chow Yun Fat was in.

Moy’s Grand Courtyard (梅家大院) in Duanfen, Taishan

There's just something about fruit trees that I really like!  Too bad these fruits were a no go for picking, but they were really nice to look at.
 A quaint little park that we visited.

Some scenery pictures.  This was one of the many water dam areas that we went to.  Being up there was very eerie... not a soul in sight, and everything was just so quiet.  The water was so blue... it was just unbelievable.  It was just surreal. 

 Another water dam area that we visited.  This was the only one that we saw that had huge characters telling us the name of the water dam.

The thing I miss most about China was the fresh seafood that's always freshly caught.  The seafood in this picture was just fresh out of the water, and my dad quickly snatched a pound or so of shrimp and oysters.  We also had fish, but that took a while to cook.  Cauliflower was in season, and we had a lot of cauliflower... a lot.

So this was my China trip in a nutshell!  I really want to go back now... I really miss the simplicity that I experienced.  Coming back to the hustle and bustle of New York City really made me cherish the relaxing time that I had.

Hopefully there will be more chances for me to get away and just enjoy myself at a leisurely pace!

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  1. Oh hey! My family is from Taishan too! I think I might have passed by this area before! :) Not quite sure because my family is from a different part of Taishan