Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trail Kit Review

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Lately my face has been spotty, either due to a bad diet, or "that time" of the month.  Usually it's the latter.  And when they appear, I don't have a skincare line/routine that I use to combat these breakouts, so I decided to try out the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trail Kit to prevent and help heal my breakouts.

Some background information on my skin;  I'm combination/oily, with the t-zone being the oiliest, and my cheek area semi-dry.  My skin is usually "okay" most of the time, except when mother nature does her thing.  My cheek area is always red, due to the breakouts never going away and flaring up.

This line is targeted to those with breakouts, and is formulated with madecassoside (a skin healing agent) salicylic acid and Hinoki Cypress extracts.  Personally, I feel that salicylic acid helps with clearing my skin.  I'm not too fond of benzoyal peroxide since it aggravates my breakouts and the skin surrounding it.

The Etude House AC Clinic Intense Trail Kit consists of 5 steps/products:
**All products contains a herbal scent.**
1. Cleanser - I enjoyed this cleanser a lot.  It's a cream type cleanser that foams up quite nicely with a pea sized amount.  After washing off the cleanser, the face feels squeaky clean, but not tight or dried.  The only thing that some may not like is that there is a strong herbal scent to it. 
2. Toner -  There is no tingly/stinging sensation when using this toner, which is great for those with sensitive skin.  I like that tingly sensation, which makes me think that the toner is doing its job.  Other then that, there's not much to say about this toner.
3. Gel Lotion - This gel lotion reminds me of the Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel-Cream.  Both has the same gel-like consistency that gets absorbed by the skin very quickly.  It also doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and it leaves the skin feeling really soft.  I'm not sure if this lotion aids in healing/preventing breakouts, but it's a nice moisturizer for those with combo-oily skin types.
4. Pink Powder Spot - This reminds me of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion that's been raved about by many.  This spot treatment is meant to be used overnight, whereas the white one is meant for day use.  In my opinion, I think this spot treatment coupled with the cleanser really helped with clearing my trouble spots.  It's suppose to heal, brighten, and also reduce the swelling of the spot.  This wasn't drying at all, and using it consistently for a few days, I saw results immediately.  One thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to shake this to mix it up.  It is meant to be like that.  Just dip a cotton swab into the pink stuff at the bottom and dab it where you need it
5. Pink Powder Water - This is meant to be mixed, and it dries clear, so this can be used in the day time under makeup or just on its own.
Day 5 onwards, the results are the same as day 4; redness has gone down, and swelling of the spots are smaller as well.  I think my results are hard to see from the pictures above, but with my naked eye, I definitely saw a big difference.  Results may vary with each individual, so keep that in mind when using.   

Over all, I really enjoyed using this line.  If used together, results are almost immediate (at least for me).  I noticed that the redness is not that prominent anymore, and seems to have faded a bit as well.  I didn't develop any reaction to the ingredients, so that's a plus for me since my skin is sometimes sensitive to new skincare items.  So with consistent use, I think I would continue to see improvement.  I think I would purchase the full sized items if I run out of the trial sized.  This trial kit is purchased on ebay from the seller worldmarket201010

So what are your favorite products to combat breakouts?

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  1. The results look great! If I get a pimple, it's usually hormonal these days or due to stress so I use a mint mask to strip away the dirt and then apply toner afterwards! Keep in touch <3 :)

    Joyce @

  2. drink lerngcha to get rid of those! LOL

    and i've nominated you for the weezy award... :D

  3. omg! the results are amazing :~)
    i get a lot of acne so i can totally relate. whenever i break out, i apply papaw ointment or tea tree oil on affected areas which really helps bring them down :-)

  4. beautiful clean layout for your blog, it really made reading this review easier for me. i love anything etude house so i'll probably give this a try :D

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