What's In My Everyday Makeup Bag

Monday, June 02, 2014

I tend to just carry the essentials in my makeup bag. I hardly touch up my makeup throughout the day, so the usual powder or blush is missing from my makeup bag.

I mostly blot throughout the day with oil absorbing sheets, like the Shine Eraser from ELF cosmetics. For the price of $1, it does a great job at keeping the oil at bay. I also carry deodorant with me too. Is it odd that I carry around deodorant? Sometimes I find that it fades throughout the day, specially during the warmer weather, so I have the Dove Go Fresh deodorant so I can reapply if needed. I also have hand cream from L'Occitane, which is quickly becoming my HG hand cream. Works so well in moisturizing, and it also sinks right into your skin. I also have an EOS lipbalm in Tangerine (with medicating properties too!).

Next, I have an array of lip products that I don't use much, but keep in my make up bag just in case I need to add some color to the lips. I have a Stila Lip & Cheek Stain pen in Pomergranate Crush, a Revlon lip butter in Sugar Plum, a L'Oreal Colour Riche balm in Rose Elixer, and a Blistex for when my lips aren't cooperating with me.

I also carry around a sample size of the current perfume that I'm trying out. Right now I'm giving Daisy by Marc Jacobs a go, and so far I'm liking the scent for Spring/Summer.

Lastly, I also have some miscellaneous things like band aids, a comb and a USB drive for whenever I need to use it.

My makeup bag is quite stuffed with these many things, but I'd like to be prepared! So what's in your makeup bag?

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