A Day at Smorgasburg, Part 1 - The Ramen Buger

Friday, August 30, 2013

I've never heard of Smorgasburg until lately.  It's been a buzz on the interwebs because of the ramen burger, so that piqued my interest.  Not only that, I was pretty intrigued by the different types of food vendors that would be at these Smorgasburg locations, both of which are located in Brooklyn.  I went to the Williamsburg location which had 100 vendors compared to the Smorgasburg at DUMBO with 75 vendors. 

I didn't take much pictures because I was all focused on eating, and also waiting on line for the ramen burger took away most of my time, so I couldn't let my remaining time go to waste after that 2.5 hour wait for the ramen burger.  But I did manage to take a few pictures... so hopefully the following shots will be worth it! :)

I'm not really familiar with the venue where Smorgasburg is located... but the view was great looking towards Manhattan.

Ramen burgers cooking.  Turns out the guy with the cool arm tattoo was a guest "ramen burger chef."  So after 2.5ish hours of waiting... I was finally getting closer to the ramen burger.  Right when you get to the cashier/front of the stand, someone gives you a ticket when you pay.  I was lucky number 119 out of 400.  So they were only making 400 ramen burgers that day.

Ramen burgers assemble!

To be honest... I'm not sure how I really feel about this burger.  For example, I expected the ramen buns to be crunchy since it has been grilling/frying on the grill, but it was just soft like eating strained ramen.  As for the burger patty, I enjoyed it a lot.  There was a lot of beefy flavor that you can taste, and along with the special sauce and the green onions... party in your mouth.  Just wasn't too sure about the ramen noodles as burger buns. 

All in all, the whole experience of waiting for the ramen burger and tasting it was something I enjoyed a lot.  While the burger wasn't really "wow," the whole experience was a really fun one.

There will be a second part coming soon, since I took a handful of pictures of the ramen burger experience, and I didn't want to clog up this post with more photos... so I'm separating this into a second part!  Stay tuned! : )

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