October's Photo Diary

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Oh October October, the month of pumpkin spiced lattes from Starbucks!  October is the month of feeling comfy and warm in your layers, stepping on crunchy leaves, and just welcoming Autumn in general.  I wouldn't say Autumn is my favorite season, but I really do enjoy the things Autumn has to offer.  Specially the pumpkin lattes from coffee houses, or dressing up in layers... something that I love to bits.  I can live in layers.

First off, I'd like to start with this curry dish that I helped cooked with my mom.  I really like the flavor of curry and wanted to eat some for dinner one night.  So I googled some curry recipes on Youtube and came across Ochikeron's curry recipes, which all utilizes curry bricks.  I have to say curry bricks are godsend for making quick and easy curry! (please excuse the quality of the following pictures... I'm in dire need of a new camera that takes kick-ass pictures!)

potato and chicken curry

For some odd reason, I had a small obsession with macarons this October.  It came and went pretty fast, but I totally gorged on macarons for a few days.  And I don't feel a bit guilty at all :)  I've been meaning to try out Macaron Cafe, so I did and got myself some scrumtious macarons.  First off, I do not recommend Honey Lavender.  Oh gosh, it tasted like soap!  But the rest of the ones I bought were more of the normal flavors like nutella, pistachio, peanut butter, and caramel.

green tea, peanut butter, caramel, pistachio, honey lavender

I also found some macarons from Trader Joes.  These tasted so good!  I'd definitely buy more of these over the fancy macarons.

trader joes macarons
My month of October is not as colorful or as eventful as I'd liked it to be.  But I did manage to capture my current favorite pair of pants and shoes that I really love!  I think I'll be abusing this combo of polka dot pants with leopard loafers for Autumn.

target polka dot pants & rampage leopard loafers from marshalls

On a sad note, the east coast had been hit with a devastating storm that just left a path of destruction.  It's such a heart breaking scene to see victims being evacuated from their homes and to also see the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Seeing houses and businesses leveled to the ground is just a gut-wrenching sight.  I feel so bad for the owners!

But on a lighter note... classes have been canceled for a week, and well... I'm enjoying that right now. :) 

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  1. Those macaroons look SO yummy! <3 I love your polka dot pants, they're gorgeous!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com