first week of college + OOTD #1

Thursday, August 30, 2012

first week of college down.
many more to go.

my classes seem fine for now.  two of my professors are putting a big emphasis on "online learning."  so most of my notes and such are on the internet, which is great because that also enables me to learn on my own pace too.  can't wait to see how this semester will turn out!  hope i do well!

oh, here's my first OOTD :)

haha, please excuse my awkward posing. 
i've never done this before! XD

also ordered my first glossybox through Refinery29, which also comes with a special glossybox curated by them!  I can't wait to get that box, as it has missha bb cream in it... since i've been meaning to try that for a long time!

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